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They will never understand what you’ve been through

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it

Once you allow someone else to control your happiness, you will always struggle for it.

My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments.

Don’t be ashamed to be different. Be proud that God made you like no one else.

Live for moments you cant put into Words.

”Don’t Push A Relationship , If It’s Meant To Be , It’ll Happen

Jealousy is just hate and love at the same time.I wanna kiss your lips.

Life is simple, we make it complicated..

Wow, who knew life could be this amazing..

A girl who cries is a girl who cares.

Me : I hate this song. Me 2 days later : *singing the song*

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

Time is the coin of life. Only you can determine how it will be spent.

It isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.

Love is like two people holding a rubber band, we pull, then when one person let’s go, it’s the person who held on that gets hurt..

Everything happens for a reason, the hard part is finding the reason.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.

I am a part of all that I have met.

Why is it that the things that mean the most to us are the things we are most likely to never admit?

It isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.

I dont want to stay young forever b’coz if I do, I won’t be having my best dream which is to grow old with you.

Don’t go for looks, they can deceive. Don’t go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

I have learned that just because two people argue, doesn’t mean they don’t love eachother. And just because they don’t argue, it doesn’t mean they do love eachother.

There is a reason God put our eyes on the front of our body. It’s so we can see where we are going, not where we have been.


Angry WhatsApp Status Collection 2015

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You can’t trust anybody these days…you think you have a good friend till you turn around and realize they have the knife 6 inches deep in your back.

Don’t put words into my mouth. I have got plenty to say. Don’t tell me how to live my life, I do things my way.

When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.

Beware, I’m not in my greatest mood today..

Thinks that people who start Rumors should get out and get a life and stop worrying about what others are doing. Clean up your own life and shut up!

The best place to be is in a loving family, but the worst place to be is in a family that only PRETENDS to be loving.

2010: Doodle jump 2011: Angry birds 2012: Temple run. NOW THIS (my last status)

You know he’s special when he can makes you laugh, angry, smile, cry and change your mood.

Angry Birds → Temple Run → Next Big GAME → checkout my last STATUS

Do you ever get the feeling that you would like to reach out and just choke someone?

Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

sometimes hearing the music is just the best way to ignore the world

I’m gonna come back as a bird in my next life. There are just some people who I feel deserve a little of their own medicine.

My silence doesn’t mean that I quit… It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand..

No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

Don’t make so many promises when you can’t even keep one.

You can’t trust anybody these days…you think you have a good friend till you turn around and realize they have the knife 6 inches deep in your back.

Some friends are like pennies. Two-faced & worthless.

The more I get to know guys, the more I like dogs.

When you stopped believing in me, I did too.

Everything is getting expensive except some people, they are getting cheaper.

I will not delete you or block you. I am keeping you there so you will be able to see how happy I’m without you.

Never regret something that once made you smile.

It’s funny how you can still love a person, but you stop needing them like you used to.


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Perhaps he’s not the best. But he’s the best for me

It doesn’t matter how often a married man changes jobs. He still ends up with the same boss.

Being sad with the right people is better than being happy with the wrong ones.

People never remember the million times you help them, only the one time you don’t.

A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories, all for one person.

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you have seen and the memories you have made along the way.

If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions.

Keep smiling, b’coz life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

If you don’t clear your misunderstanding in time they become the reason for distance forever.

People always say to follow your heart, but what they dont tell you is that if you follow your heart, it doesn’t mean there will be a happy ending.

People don’t always need advice. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, ear to listen and heart to understand.

It’s not a matter of finding the right person but its a matter of being the right person for the one you choose to love.

I don’t have ABS or orgasmic shoulder muscles but I have a Heart that will treat you right.

Sometimes you have to forgive & forget. Forgive them for hurting and forget they even exist.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

A lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman. You’re such a lady to me.

Don’t ever be afraid of change. Always remember God will never take anything away from you without the intention of replacing it with something much better.

It’s funny how 1 text, 1 song, 1 mistake, 1 lie, 1 truth and 1 person could change your mood in 1 second.

It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

Don’t lose hope. When the SUN goes down, the STARS come out.

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged

Best msg ever to a busy friend:”i think of You,You think of me.but the difference is,when i think of you i send you msg,You think of me after receving my msg”:

Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope! So, hope for the best. Good Day And Good Luck!

Sometimes in our life we play with time but when we finally realize that we want to get serious… time starts playing with our life….


Amazing Whatsapp Status Collection 2015

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The worst disease in the world is fear, and i am AFRAID of it..

decided to burn lots of calories today so I set a fat kid on fire..

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving..

I really hate it when I’m in a good mood and suddenly something bad happens and ruins everything.

When I say that I like you, I really do more than you could understand.

Hiding your feelings isn’t the easy way out, but sometimes it’s the only thing you can do.

Another month. Another year. Another smile. Another tear. Another winter and another summer too. But there can never be another you. ♥

I really wish there was something that I could do to make you fall in love with me.

Don’t worry, just let it go, karma handle the rest.

You cannot protect two things at the same time.. If you don’t make a decision, you will lose both..

It’s tough when someone special starts to ignore you but it’s even tougher to pretend that you don’t mind.

I really miss you. I just don’t want to admit it.

One mistake and everyone judges you.

When I make a big deal out of things, it’s because I care.

Love is like two people holding a rubber band, we pull, then when one person let’s go, it’s the person who held on that gets hurt..

Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller with every mistake you make…

Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman..

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

The best gift a guy can give to his girlfriend : his time, his attention, and his love.

The best gift a guy can give to his girlfriend : his time, his attention, and his love.The best gift a guy can give to his girlfriend : his time, his attention, and his love.

Those random moods, when you just want to kill everyone for no reason

Sometimes, I push you away because I need you to pull me closer.

I’m used to people giving up on me, it’s nothing new.

There’s a difference between giving up and moving on.

Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today’s events.


Trust Whatsapp Status Quotes Collection 2020

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Trust is like glass. Once it is broken it cannot be repaired, only replaced.

A successful relationship comes with effort. But there are things in love and life that should come in effortlessly or not at all,ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS Loyalty

We all have 2 types of friends. 1′s who are true and there no matter what, and 1′s who just use and abuse us. It’s figuring out who is who that is the hard part

Trust is one of the most precious gifts one can give to another ~ To break that trust is one of the most hurtful things one can do to another.- Karen Gawlak

it hurts when someone you really trust lets you down.

Sometimes the world seems against you and you’ve been pushed to the edge, have faith and know that something or someone is waiting to catch you once you let go

Learn how to balance trust with wisdom;Not all humans are trustworthy, painful memories can serve to protect us from future hurts.

it’s really difficult to gain my trust, and if you manage to do so you then have my heart, but beware, my trust is easy to lose, thus is my heart.

is finding it hard to know who to trust,who to leave behind in their past and who to take along with their into their future

a friend is someone who will never leave your side in trouble, never doubt you, and trust you. don’t throw people like that away. you might not get them back.

Know me without Fear. Trust me without Wondering. Love me without Restrictions. Want me without Demand. Accept me for who i am!

kind lies are a selfish way of robbing someone of the truth. in essence, you are saying, “i neither respect nor trust you.”

trust & loyalty & a sense of humor are everything without those a person has nothing.

thinks that a user will always be a user and a cheater will always be a cheater. People don’t change, they just find different ways to lie.

Dear God, Thank you for always being there for me, even when I didn’t understand. Like a parent to a child, you know what’s best; so I trust you like a child.

Trust is important in any relationship. When someone breaks that trust, it hurts everyone. Trust can take a long time to mend. Sometimes, it can’t be fixed.

thinks when you doubt someone or things someone says to you, there isn’t going to be much trust there. And without trust, is it really worth your time?

It took me months to trust you..and only seconds for you to destroy it

If you really want to know the truth about a person.Look into their eyes. Because eyes never lie

I hate when you ask someone a question, they make excuses … wouldn’t it just be easier to be honest and answer the question …

Never trust someone who has lied to you, and never lie to someone you trust.

I don’t understand banks. Why do they have little chains on the pens? If I’m trusting you with my money, you should trust me with your pens.

Life is not always easy and I don’t have all the answers but I serve a God who does and I put all my trust and faith in them 100%!

You know, Im not gonna lose my temper or get bitchy. But I will say this. I sure hope it was worth losing my trust and respect. :(

Don’t count on the one that says, ” You can count on me, just call.” Count on the one that answers that call.


Missing You Whatsapp Status Collection 2015

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I still miss him, I miss him, I’m missing him.

Missing you is a very small word, the extent of which is felt when the winds strike my door and i feel you passing by.

Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between … you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you.

My mind tells me I don’t miss you, but my heart is screaming that i do.

I miss our talks, I miss you making me laugh, you were my rock, you were always there to make things better.. what happened? where did you go? I miss you..

Why is it that when we are together time goes so quickly, but when we are apart, time nearly stops? I love you, and I miss you.

if a star fell 4 every time i missed you 2day I’m afraid the moon will b shining alone 2nyt

I pretend each day that I am okay without you, but those who know me well, they see the hole in my heart and the pain in my soul.

I miss your love I miss your touch, But I’m feeling you everyday.

I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart.

Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.

I MISS YOU in every beats of heart In every blink of my eyes.

I miss you i love you & i just can’t forget about u i regret telling u who u like now i cry myself to sleep.

You can love someone so much… But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.

I’m missing you so much. A day without you is like a year without rain.

It’s hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember. I miss you sweetheart.

Love is when you wake up; she is already on your mind.

The hardest part about walking away from you knows that you won’t run after me.

You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never got it back.

Don’t make a special person miss you too much. Try to keep in touch because missing often times leads to, forgetting.

Nothing feels better than a surprise text from that person you miss. :p ♥ :-)

If it takes til the end of time I will wait. I miss you

Even when I feel the alone, I know I am not. I carry your heart with me everywhere I go, this way you will always be with me. Just know that I am with you too.

When i message you it’s because i miss you, when i don’t it’s because I’m waiting for you to miss me, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often.

you may not be here with me . . . but thoughts of you are always in my head if I could just see you everything would be okay again


Breakup Whatsapp Status Collection 2015

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Dear Insomnia..I think we really need to break-up…I don’t love you anymore…

I will never learn to stop loving you I’m just learning how to live without you and move on without you there by my side.

Out of all the people in the world i thought you were the the one to be there for me 4 ever and always. turns out i was just your last option wasn’t i

Sometimes when you love someone who isn’t right for you, no matter how much you love them and want them back you have to let them go..

They say you have to go on and forget the past, but for me it’s not like that cause every time i try to forget the memory hunts me again..

5 most annoying words after a break up: “Are you mad at me?” No, I`m perfectly happy you broke my heart..

Just give me time and I’ll get over you.

I’ll hide my broken heart beneath a laughing face and though you’ll think I never cared, no one can take your place.

You shouldnt have done what you did. Now you have karma to deal with. And shes a much bigger bitch than me. :)

i just don’t see any point in loving anymore when I’ll just be hurt over and over again

Wondering: Is it the heart that fools the mind or the mind that fools the heart?

I wish you weren’t in my dreams.

There is always that person in life that you give several chances, it’s because you love them more than you hate them.

I get so emotional when you are not around. I think the emotion is called happiness.

If my love fails I wont die for her because she might get a boy again but my mom wont get a son like me again….!!!

I hate you, you hate me, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it.

I get so emotional when you’re not around.. I think the emotion is called happiness.

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

The pain of having a broken heart iz not so much as 2 kill u, yet not so little as 2 let u live.

Sure I still love to see you. Still love to see you ran over,eaten by wild dogs and reincarnated as a dog turd.

Never recycle a past relationship. Because if it didn`t work out before, what makes you think it would this time?

Love is like rain when it will come nobody knows.

It’s better to dream of something you may never have than to lose something you always dreamed of having.

Do you know why a previous relationship is called EX? It’s not the term for the past. EX is short for EXpired.

It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.


Friendship WhatsApp Status Collection 2015

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A dress warms the body, a friendship warms the soul

Friendship is a balm for the wounds of love

What is friendship? A word, an illusion, a shadow that needs happiness

I need less friends more bread, less talk more head.

Hanging with friends and laughing til you cry priceless..

If Friends are like flowers.. That would explain my pretty bouquet!

Life stops when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop commenting in my status.

Really think about how you allow in your life as friends, because once you do you are choosing your own destiny.

friend is a strong word said to describe a known is a word said to describe someone.. put them together and you get someone you can never let go

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

The Biggest And Grettest Relationship In The Whole World Is FRIENDSHIP

Apologizing isn’t always a matter of admitting you’re wrong. Sometimes it just means that you value your relationship/friendship more than your ego .

No relationship is perfect. You just have to know in your heart of hearts that the person you are with is truly worth fighting for no matter what.

Careful with your gift choice. Our friendship is on the line.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow; don’t walk behind me, I may not lead; walk beside me, and just be my friend.

It’s the friends we meet along life’s path who help us appreciate the journey.

A true friend is someone who gives you hope when you ran out of it.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow; don’t walk behind me, I may not lead; walk beside me, and just be my friend.

True love is rare, but true friendship is the rarest thing in the world

Friendship is based on the benefits that friends get from each other

No relationship has a value between people if there is no friendship

I use Status Shuffle to express my feelings. They say actions speak louder than words. Words are spoken…Status Shuffles are copy and paste.

A simple two letter word…Hi…tells a person that your thinking about them!! Give it a try…might be the only “Hi” they get all day!!!

When you think you know a person so well and then they end up changing, it’s like you hardly knew them at all.

Life is difficult.Death is permanent.Tomorrow is a new day.Don’t make a permanent decision to solve a temporary problem..Take comfort in your friends and family…


Eid Whatsapp Status Collection 2015

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May this day bring peace and smoothness in your life, may it provide you the best time of your life. Happy Eid day

We wish you and your beloved ones a very happy and blessed Eid.

May Allah bless you & Your dear ones for happy & prosperous life on Eid Ul Azha & always.

I wish you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of his love at Eid and always.

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

On Eid ul-Fitr, wish that Allah’s blessings light up the path and lead to happiness, Peace and success. Happy Eid

On Eid ul-Fitr, wish a joyous celebration and showers of Allah’s blessings. Eid Mubarak

May His love fill your heart with Joy and peace this Eid and each day of the year to come.

May Allah bless you on this auspicious day of Eid, and May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness.

I just made a Tumblr litterally like 5 minutes ago and I would love it if you guys would follow me!!!(: My username is Skol

May you be able to develop your capabilities, may all your weaknesses turn into your strengths. Happy Eid Day.

I wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid ul Adhaa.

May the Joy, Cheer, Mirth and Merriment of this festival surround you forever. Happy Eid

I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities for those things that really matter in life.

You are special, you are unique; may your Eid be also as special and unique as you are..

All the loving wishes for you today to bring much happiness your way. Eid Greetings

On Eid ul Fitr, wish that Allah’s blessings light up the path and lead to happiness, Peace and success. Happy Eid

Accept my deep heart prayers for you successful life on this day of Eid. Wish you a Happy Eid.


Romantic WhatsApp Status Collection 2015

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Sitting next to you doing nothing means absolutely everything to me.

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.

There is only one happiness in life to love and be loved.

You make me feel special..That’s why I love you soooo much.

Every night should have its own menu

If there is no new message from dear person, you enjoy reading even the old ones

Do not promise me a star from the sky … promise me we’ll get it together

Hold me tight, hold me in your hands and never let me go

Eyes that have never cried can’t be beautiful

If you miss somebody this means he’s already close to you no matter how long you know each other

I knew exactly he was my prince, because my heart smiled when I saw him for the first time

I’ll be waiting for you, just stay with me forever

When he looks at me, something incredible happens in my heart

There is nothing more interesting than the conversation of lovers who are silent

Mind does not have opinion, but heart

Mind seeks, heart finds

Romance is a mirror that reflects either the sky or dirty pits

Your eyes are the sweetest stars I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t have any body piercing until just now. You pierced my heart.

I could conquer the world with just one hand as long as you were holding the other.

When I miss you, I don’t have to go far. I just have to look inside my heart because that’s where I’ll find you.

I have tested all sweet dishes but they are not as sweet as my lover’s lips :)

I can live without any friends, any family and any money but I can’t live without you.

When someone talks about LOVE I think about YOU. ♥


Sad Status For Whatsapp Collection 2015

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I wake up and think dreams are real. I sleep so I don’t have to feel.

Everything takes me longer than I expect. It’s the sad truth about life.

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

The sad part isn’t that we never talk, its that we used to talk everyday.

You’ll never realize the value of what you have, until what you have is no longer yours.

I fell for you, but you didn’t catch me.

I will wait till the day I can forget YOU or the day you realize you can’t forget Me.

In solitude, where we are least alone

Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.

The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.

Love that we cannot have is the love that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest, & feels the strongest.

is a lie that everyone created. Now he/she wants to escape but doesn’t know how.

just realized they hasn’t been truly happy, in a really long time. :(

When I say “don’t worry about it, I’m good” I’m really not. But hey, don’t worry about it, I’m good.

Man I’d be a good garbage man, I’m always down in the dumps

I hate it when you realize that you mean nothing or damn near nothing to someone who means everything to you.

I Think I’m Invisible :(

Why is it that when u know u love someone that u cant have you end up loving them even more???

This isn’t a status…this is just to show that no status matches my feelings right now. :(

Whenever you are stressed,eat chocolates,sweets etc, because when stressed is spelled backwards it becomes “DESSERTS”.

Forget about me, erase me, dont even think back. Because one day when you let your mind slip, you’ll remember me and realize that you should have held on.

Sometimes I wish I had never met you, so when I lay in bed at night I wouldn’t have anything to be sad about.

It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today.

It is sad when the person who gave you the best memories become a memory.

Sometimes tears means unspoken happiness and smile means silent Pain.


WhatsApp Status Quotes Funny Collection 2015

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To the world, you may be one person, but to a person you may be the world.

Facebook is like jail; you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don’t know.

The only way the world is going to end in 2012 is if Facebook is taken off the Internet!

Statistics say that 1 in 4 people are insane, so take a look at your 3 best friends and if they are all OK, its you!

If you ever get caught sleeping on the job… slowly raise your head and say “in jesus name amen”.

Success is like a fart, only bothers people when its not their own.

Silence is the best answer of all questions and Smile is the best reaction in all situations. Unfortunately both never help in VIVA & INTERVIEW.

Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.

It’s going to be weird still checking Facebook when I’m 70.

Guy : “I wear the pants in this relationship” Girl: “yeah, but i control the zipper!

Feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket , while it`s in the other room.

the awkward moment when you forget how to fly.

Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.

Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred.

If you love your job, you haven’t worked a day in your life

people want what they cant have and when they get it they dont want it anymore. practice makes perfect, but if no ones perfect, why practice?

Do you want to make money from Facebook? It’s easy. Just go to your Account Setting, Deactivate your account, and Go To Work.

Eye of newt…boiling trouble…that sounds about right.

“I am going to (insert place) to meet my future boyfriend while he is gambling next to me.

The awkward moment when your at your friends house and your friend is fighting with their parents so you just go and pat the dog.

When a lady had a nice time with a guy, she looks forward for the next moment and the guys looks forward for the next chick.

Ok Mario you can hit bricks with your head right? Then why do you die when you touch a turtle WTF!

I wish I had Doras parents… They let that girl go everywhere!

I miss you like a retard misses the point!

I hate people who steal my ideas, before I think of them :)


Funny WhatsApp Status Collection 2015

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You smile I smile, you get hurt I get hurt, you cry I cry, you jump off a bridge, I’m gonna miss you buddy…

things to do when you get pulled over: climb into the passenger seat and when the cop comes over look at the drivers seat and say “Holy crap, he’s a magician!”

Facebook event invites from people you barely know should really have a ‘seriously?’ option in the reply.

Cop: Ma’am, what’s in the bottle? Me: Just some water. Cop: Ma’am that’s wine… Me: Jesus did it again!!

‘Are you athletic?’ Yes, I surf the Net.

If i was the genie on Facebook and i could grant you one wish each what would your wish be??

My boss just said to me “You’ve been late five days this week… do you know what that means?” I certainly do – it’s FRIDAY!

A ship cannot sail with its anchor in the water! Let go of the past so you can sail towards your future!

“Listen up! I’m phenomenal. And for those of you who don’t speak English: blah blah blah blah blahu2014 fuck yeah!u2014 blah blah blah. Thank you.”

Drunk answers, “Hellllll, no! Not without a net!”

Arguing with a woman is like gettign arrested. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

Didn’t have internet on my phone for the past few hours. I managed to graduate, get married, lose some weight, read 15 books and shower.

Don’t text me while I’m texting you, now I have to change my text.

That one annoying relative who comments on everything you do on Facebook.

I’m pretty sure the whole “ladies first” thing was created by a guy just to check out girls butt’s.

I love my six pack so much, I protect it with a layer of fat :)

If i had to choose who to trust with my life it would be my Mother. My best friend and the best Mom in the whole wild world

When Keisha went to Take It Off, Bruno Mars threw a Grenade which made Katy Perry a Firework and Taylor Swift rode away on a White Horse.

I love my sis when i try going on the computer they wont let me..when theres ppl in the room we hug each other ,when there’s none else a things bad break out

You: ” sneeze” “oh sorry I’m allergic to your bull shit”

Is having a Bridgett Jones moment “ALL BY MYSELF, DON’T WANNA BE ALL BY MYSELF” But hey if I’ve got to at least that means more wine for me!

That awkward moment when you say “it’s definitely not there, I checked three times!!!” and then it magically appears there.

It is so cold today that I nearly keyed someone’s car with my nipples

Anyone else sit on the toilet and play with their phone until you realized you have been finished 10 minutes ago?


WhatsApp Status Love Collection 2015

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You make my days beautiful and nights wonderful. I Love You

Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true… I Love You.

Some love one, some love two. I love one that is you.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Never close your lips to those Whom you have opened your heart.

Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.

Heaven is where the heart is and heart is where the love is.

True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.

The more we are filled with love, the less room there is for hate.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have to walk past you again?

Love is about realizing that an imperfect person can make your life perfect.

I didn’t fall in love with you, I fell in love with who you used to be.

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Ignore the risk, and take the fall, if it’s meant to be, it’s worth it all

True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries!

You are the only one person I want to be with for the rest of my life and grow old with. I love you my sweet heart.

Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

Love never fails and when it fails, its not love!

I will be yours, you will be mine and together we will be 1 love.

True love is when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing.

Love is the only thing that can control every single emotion you have.

Forever is not a word rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.

Just because someone does not love you the way you want, doesn’t mean they don't love you with all they have.

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.

People who are sensible about love are incapable of it.


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Girls, being beautiful doesn’t make you nice. Being nice makes you beautiful..

Even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.

Just because things are not good now does not mean they will be that way forever.

Dont use your words to describe the situation. Use your words to change the situation.

My love for you is a journey starting at 4ever and ending at never.

People that are meant to be together always find each other in the end.

Nothing is as free as the ideas

To read does not mean to understand

A wife that does not push her husband forward, holds him back

Keep smiling, b’coz life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

Being single is not a big deal b’coz sooner or later you will find your true love.

It is not he bad memories that make you sad but the best ones that you can’t bring it back.

Trust is like a knife. Anybody that has it may either protect or kill you

Always remember that the most beautiful curve on your body is your smile :)

Sometimes no matter how much you try to speak your heart out, words aren’t just enough to describe how you truly feel.

If someone really loves you, they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is.

Spend your life with who makes you happy, not with who you have to impress.

Sometimes second chance work out better than the first b’coz you already learned from your mistakes.

If you don’t thank GOD for every smile, then you have no right to complain about every tear.

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

Im not looking for someone who has everything. But someone who has time to spend with me more than anything.

May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself. Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in your heart.

Love. All my life I have read about it, dreamt of it, waited for it, cried for it, needed it. Now with you, I have found it

When I dream, I dream of you…maybe one day, dreams will come true

Do not think about your past and do not worry about your future. Care for what you have now


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A rumour goes in one ear and out of many mouths.

Don't let your future be based on someone else's past.

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.

If at first you don’t succeed blame someone else and seek counselling.

The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it.

Nobody wants to hear this but sometimes the person you want most is the person you are best without.

All relationships have problems. It just all depends if you two are strong enough to get through them together.

Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.

Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?

Dear PAST, thank you for all the lessons. Dear FUTURE, I’m now ready.

Laugh as much as you breath and love as much as you live.

Love is on the lips of many but in the hearts of few.

I hate it when my friends change just because that meet new people.

Its funny how girls run from the guys who try to make them happy and fight for the ones who make them cry.

If things are sent by ship then its a cargo and if its sent by road then its a shipment.

I hate how Monday is so far away from Friday and Friday is so close to Monday.

The first person that you think of in the morning and the last person you think of in the night is either the cause of your happiness or the cause of your pain.

Mistakes are a part of life. If you don’t make them, you will never learn. If you never learn, you will never improve.

I have many problems in my life but my lips don’t know about those problems. They always smile.

Keep correcting your little mistakes, B’coz nobody slips down by hills, but just slips by little stones.

Nothing is wrong if it feels good :)

Life is so stupid an ordinary person makes us smile and a very special person always makes us cry but still we care for the special one.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, b’coz it means you are falling in love with someone’s appearance, not personality.

Just because someone hurt you yesterday doesn’t mean you should start living life today in constant fear of being hurt tomorrow.

Pain never really goes away; you just elevate and get used to it by growing stronger.


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Live life one day at a time. Share it with people who matter most to you, for life is a little jar of memories. So fill it with people worth remembering..

So glad to know that you’re having fun, especially without me.

Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real.

Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.

Being stubborn has helped; being selfish is not a bad thing.

He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

If you’re one in a million, there are six thousand people exactly like you.

I’ve given up the search for reality; now I’m just looking for a good fantasy.

Programmer n. – An ingenious device that turns caffeine into code.

Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often.

live n let live like one another, be all friends together or your be extremely lonely! :>

I am sitting here looking at the most amazing person I have ever seen, smart, funny, caring, and absolutely stunning! Yes, I am looking in the mirror!

will become a fan of the Procrastinators Club… tomorrow. I promise…

My easy button is broken, my give a damn is busted, and your sh*t outta luck that I’ll be giving a damn anytime soon…

Don’t you hate that obnoxious, nagging feeling of wanting to know why when you’re absolutely certain that you really don’t!

Well who pissed in your Cheerios?

It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.

There are plenty more fish in the sea, but who wants to go out with a fish?

I love it how 1 pack of gum = instant popularity :)

Oh I’m sorry, didn’t I tell you? Then I guess it isn’t none of your business!

would love to hear a friendly voice instead of a text.

humour Right before a three day weekend every ones excited…until Tuesday comes and bites you in the ass, kinda seems like a Monday to me!!

OK, so let me get this straight, you want me to like you…but then you act like THAT?

I’m invisible, until someone needs me.

I was your cure and you were my disease. I was saving you, and you were killing me.

The higher you climb on love’s ladder, the harder you fall.

I don’t believe in love because I still don’t have you.

Some say its painful to wait someone. Some say its painful to forget someone. But the worst pain comes when you dont know whether to wait or forget.

Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not.

I know they say that first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest.

Wants you to know that every time I take a breath, every time my heart beats, I think of you. I am helplessly in love with you…

I used to love you with all my heart, but now I tell myself I’m done. And then I look at you and tell myself I’m lying.

When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut… it will heal, but there will always be a scar.

No guy is worth your tears and when you find one that is, he won’t make you cry.

It still hurts that you’re doing completely okay, without me.

I love crying in the rain. because when i do, no one can hear the pain.

I don’t know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like other part of my body is broken too.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.

It hurts when you have someone in your heart but can’t have in your arms.

This is the problem with getting attached to someone. When they leave, you just feel lost.

I remember all those crazy things you said, you left them running through my head. You are always there, you are everywhere. But right now I wish you were here.

Losing a part of yourself is much easier than losing the one you love.

I wake up and think dreams are real. I sleep so I don’t have to feel.

Everything takes me longer than I expect. It’s the sad truth about life.

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

The sad part isn’t that we never talk, its that we used to talk everyday.

You’ll never realize the value of what you have, until what you have is no longer yours.

I fell for you, but you didn’t catch me.

I will wait till the day I can forget YOU or the day you realize you can’t forget Me.


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Sorry! This is a very special sorry to you! Please excuse my all mistakes before the end of this year.

A man is sorry to be honest for nothing.

Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.

Never apologize for how you feel, that’s like saying sorry for being real.

I Never ‘APOLOGIZE’ I’m sorry. That’s Just Not the way ‘I Am’.

Play fair. Don’t hit people. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody. – Robert Fulghum

I’m sorry I can’t speak very coherently.

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.

Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.

A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends.

Sorry, I can’t hangout. My uncle’s cousin’s sister in law’s best friend’s insurance agent’s roommate’s pet goldfish died. Maybe next time..

I love the fact that my best friend just so happens to be my only biological sibling, my sister.

My sister is the sweetest little thing alive! Words can hardly describe my love for her, she is my best friend.

A sister is for telling secrets and making promises that will never be broken.

My mother texted me `What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?` I answered:`I dont know, love u, talk to u later.` Mother: `Ok, I`ll ask your sister.

My mother texted me `What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?` I answered: `I dont know, love u, talk to u later.` Mother: `Ok, I`ll ask your sister`

BESTFRIEND = Cares like a mom, Protects like a dad, Irritates like a sister, Teases like a brother, Loves more than a lover.

We have the sister sayings that will make you nod in agreement about how annoying sisters can be.

A sister is a forever friend.

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.

In thee my soul shall own combined the sister and the friend.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.


Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

You can kid the world. But not your sister.

What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it?

Because angels are sometimes busy elsewhere, God created sisters like you.

wondering, what’s the point of going out, we’re just going to end up back here anyway!

When people see the kennel in my house they say,” Oh so you have a dog?” Just once I want to say,” No that’s for disciplining the kids.”

I wish I could google things in my fridge so that I wouldn’t have to go downstairs and be disappointed.

Autocorrect – What drunk people use to sound sober, and what sober people use to sound drunk.

How do you put a status on here?

Don’t blame the lame.

ooh eeh ooh ahh ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang

When ever u have a problem,just sing your favourite song!

I got thrown out of Farmville. They found undocumented workers on my farm.

I feel like I should clean the house, so I am going to lay down until the feeling passes.

Don’t let your mind wander. It’s too little to be let out alone.

My love for You is like diarrhea I just can’t hold it in.

They say money can’t buy happiness but I don’t mind. I adore money.

The kid next door challenged me to a water balloon fight. I’m just updating my facebook while I wait for the kettle to boil.

If your happy and you know it slap your ass whoop whoop :-)

likes you but won’t say it out loud.

The cleaning bug is going around. I got bit by it today, but no worries, while I was cleaning I found that little booger and I killed the damn thing.

Wants googly eyes today.

How do we know it’s not what we think it is?

Nobody said it was going to be easy but they didn’t mention it was going to be this hard.

Don’t grab life by the horns, Grab it by the balls

If I promise to miss you, will you get the hell out of here ?

“Why do you talk so fast?” “Why do you listen so slow?”

the awkward moment when you know you shouldn`t laugh, but you do.

Seeing a spider is nothing. It becomes a problem when it disappears.

Dinosaurs aren`t extinct! They`re just really good at playing hide and seek.

When someone rings the doorbell, why do dogs always assume it’s for them?

That akward moment when your granparents sing Lady GaGa .

If duct tape can`t fix it… You`re not using enough. :P

“HEY, WHO STOLE MY…nevermind i found it.”

You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who cares.

“Please?” “No.” “Please?” “No.” “Please?” “Sure.” “Really?“ “No.“`

“Dude, she just called you useless!” “Oh hell no.. Hold my Bachelor of Arts Degree!”

I always feel like I just passed my “Best If Used By” date.


Are you free tomorrow?“ No, i’m expensive.

Are you free tomorrow?“ No, i’m expensive.

Tried to cook my toaster strudel’s in the microwave, yea…what great morning I’m having >:P

It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, I didn’t do it, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

Roses are red, violets are blue. So what freaking color is violet?!

YOU HAVE AN IDEA!!! you better hurry up and say it before it dies of being alone!

Realized that time flies when you’re having rum, I mean fun!

I remember when i was a kid, and only went on the computer to use paint..

We should love, not fall in love. B’coz everything that falls, gets broken.

UFC is the gayest sport ever … They were just fighting doggie style

When your waiting for one persons text and the whole world decides to text you!

That awkward moment when you yell `Hello` to your friend and someone else with the same name says it back.

The force of selfishness is as inevitable and as calculable as the force of gravitation.

We never repent of having eaten too little.

One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.

Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

Being sorry is the highest act of selfishness, seeing worth only after discarding it.

I have given up reading books. I find it takes my mind off myself.

Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness.

A selfish man is a thief.

A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor’s.

The one who loves the least, controls the relationship.

When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.

Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.

All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled. It is the secret of their attraction.

I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven.

Glory built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt..

I don’t care about what others think about me ,I just care about what I think about myself

If you don’t like me remember it’s mind over matter; I don’t mind and you don’t matter.

The only person in this world I trust is myself. And even he’s questionable at times.

I got a dream that’s worth more then my reality. And pride that’s worth more then a salary.

To talk without thinking first is just like to shoot without aiming..


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We have tried to give you the best of the best Whatsapp status. These one hundred and one statuses are collected from various sources and are now delivered to you. A Whatsapp status a day can make your friends happy, motivate them or drive them crazy. Keep looking this site for latest updates and much more. Sometimes a small, simple and cute status can say much more than thousand words and can make your friends, love or family members happy. Now there are millions of whatsapp users and all want a good public status that can impress others. That is why we are working hard to provide you with the most unique, interesting, humorous and lovable status.

Check the below 101 best status of Whatsapp collection

Loading the top ten best one for you :)

1]My laziness is like 8, when I lie down it becomes infinity

2]CGPA available for adoption… can’t raise it myself.

3]Contributing to entropy since 1994.

4]One person’s LOL is another’s WTF!

5]Darr k aage jeet hai….aur dadar k aage seat hai (Just for mumbaikars)

6]I will be back before you pronunce afjkhnfkualnfhukcakecnhkj.

7]Dream as if you’ll live forever..Live as if tomorrow is last one.

8]Galileo:Great mind…Einstein:genius mind…Newton:Extraordinary mind….Bill gates:brilliant mind…..ME:Never Mind.

9]People r like music some say the truth and rest,just noise.

10]Just wanted to say, you are as useless as “ueue” in a “queue”.

>Now the others that can amuse you :D

11]Sleep till you’re hungry….Eat till you’re sleepy.

12]The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

13]lazy People Fact #5812672793
You were too lazy to read that number.

14]Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so near to monday????

15]I like to take road less travelled…..helps me to avoid traffic.

16]Wow now I’m a graduate…….Now thermometer is not the only thing that has degrees without brains .

17]I can see you checking my whatsapp status. B)

18]Your eyes water when you yawn because you miss your bed and it makes you sad.True story.

19]I’am looking for a bank loan which can perform two things..give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

20]Second chances are for losers….either we do it in first place or live it for others.

21]I wish I could loose weight as easy as I lose my pens, keys, smartphone, my temper and even my mind.

22]fun is like life insurance.The older you get..the more it cost’s.

22]I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by selling my car.

23]My week is basically …Monday–>Monday#2–>Monday#3–>Monday#4–>Friday–>Saturday–>pre-Monday

24]We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.

25]Tried to loose weight…….But it keeps finding me.

26]If you try to pronounce “lmao” you sound like a french cat.

27]formula for success…….under promise and over deliver…….

28]SI unit of ignorance = “seen”

29]Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my watsapp status….

30]I wish I had google in my mind and antivirus in my heart.

31]I just saved lot of money by lic life insurance ……..By not having any.

32]Love marriage is like dancing in front of snake and asking him to bite.

33]I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks.

34]Waiting for wi-fi network.

35]Jidhar apna CRUSH hai , udhar hich sala RUSH hai and filhaal timepass k liye only CANDYCRUSH he…(hindi)

36]Always remember you are UNIQUE………… just like everybody else.

37]I don’t care what people think or say about me, I was not born on this earth to please everybody.

38]Tip to avoid car insurance……….Join facebook and never leave home.

39]You can’t put a value on a human life,but my wife’s life insurance company made a pretty fair offer.

40]Even romeo went from being “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated”.

41]Sorry vegetarians we can’t pretend

42]They say we learn from our mistakes; so I m making as many as possible!!!Soon I will be a genius :-B

43]I will marry the girl who look as pretty as in her Aadhaar card (or in matrimonial sites)!!!!

44]I was not busy to be online… I had just gave up on my life when I picked up this girls phone and saw my contact name as “Free Recharge”

45]Give a man fish and you’ll feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and you can then stick him with a huge amount of fishing School loans.

46] At last got to know how to loose weight in 10 days :Just turn your head right then left and repeat whenever offered any food

47]I started out with nothing and i still have most of it:)

48]I took IQ test …..results were negative

49]Should transformers take car insurance or life insurance…..

50]If procrastination was an Olympic event ,I’d compete in it later.

51]Your whatsapp status say’s online …..If your online then why aren’t you texting me

52]I am not questioning your honour. I am denying its existence.

53]My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.

54]Happiness is when “Last seen at” changes to “online” and then to “typing..”

55]Study economics-when you’re unemployed, at least you’ll know why.

56]One more password got married…!!

57]This is the beginning of the sentence you just finished reading.

58]You are the product of 4 billion years of evolution, now fucking act like it. …

59]Life is the art of drawing without a eraser.

60]Life is planning a pleasant curve for me.

61]Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I’m tired of solving them for you.

62]I meditate for 20 min every morning …..It helps reduce stress of being 20 min late for everything

63]Better the vacuum cleaner the better it sucks!!

64]Went to a fish market and shouted at them saying “What is this, a classroom?”, thereby maintaining the balance of the universe.

65]I did lots of stupid things on social networking sites but atleast i never commented “Cute pic dear “on girls profile picture

66]A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station..

67]Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want

68]Life is too short. Dont waste it removing pen drive safely.

69]I wish i could trade my heart for another liver … that i can drink more and care less

70]Intelligence is like underwear. It’s important that you have it but there’s no need to show it off.

71]My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”.

72]Coins Always Make Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent! ?that’s why i’m always Calm & Silent

73]Stop checking my status ! Go Get A Life

74]A rolling stone gathers no moss… But if I stop the stone then it still takes a long time for the moss to grow.

75]I enjoy when people show Attitude to me because it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me!

76]Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

77]I Am Not Special , I Am Just Limited Edition

78]No matter how much you care about someone, sometimes it's just not meant to be

79]If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’.

80]Xcuse me..I found something under my shoes. .ohh its your Attitude.

81]Love is that state of mind when a karan johar film becomes bearable.

82]I’m cool but global warming made me hot

83]When i am good i am best , when i am bad i am worst.

84]Without me its just awso.

85]Sometimes i just wish i’ could fast forward the time to see if in the end it’s all worth it.

86].One wise guy invented mobile application Whatsapp…..and his wife added last seen feature

87]Error: status unavailable

88]I’m poor. I can’t pay ATTATION in Class room.

89]I like to always carry two sacks around. That way, if someone asks me to lend them a hand, I can say, “Sorry, got these sacks”.

90]Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you.

91]I don’t like cocaine, i just like the way it smells;)

92]Me and my wife live happily for 25 years… And then we met…!

93]Just about the time when you think you can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.

94]One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

95]It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.

96]Dear Mario…..I Wasted My Childhood Trying To Save Your Girlfriend.Now, you help me to save mine.

97]Think about it ..every time we look back at ourselves five years ago we think we were an idiot.

98] Apni to bass ek hi zid he…. sar pe Taaj… Sath me koi Khasss aur is kamini duniya pe Raaaajjj !!…(hindi)

99]We are all part of the ultimate statistic – ten out of ten die.

100]I Loved A Girl and She Broke my heart….. Now every piece of my heart love DifferenT Girlz…. People called it flirt Thats Not fair…

101]Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

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