Trust Whatsapp Status Quotes Collection 2020

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Trust is like glass. Once it is broken it cannot be repaired, only replaced.

A successful relationship comes with effort. But there are things in love and life that should come in effortlessly or not at all,ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS Loyalty

We all have 2 types of friends. 1′s who are true and there no matter what, and 1′s who just use and abuse us. It’s figuring out who is who that is the hard part

Trust is one of the most precious gifts one can give to another ~ To break that trust is one of the most hurtful things one can do to another.- Karen Gawlak

it hurts when someone you really trust lets you down.

Sometimes the world seems against you and you’ve been pushed to the edge, have faith and know that something or someone is waiting to catch you once you let go

Learn how to balance trust with wisdom;Not all humans are trustworthy, painful memories can serve to protect us from future hurts.

it’s really difficult to gain my trust, and if you manage to do so you then have my heart, but beware, my trust is easy to lose, thus is my heart.

is finding it hard to know who to trust,who to leave behind in their past and who to take along with their into their future

a friend is someone who will never leave your side in trouble, never doubt you, and trust you. don’t throw people like that away. you might not get them back.

Know me without Fear. Trust me without Wondering. Love me without Restrictions. Want me without Demand. Accept me for who i am!

kind lies are a selfish way of robbing someone of the truth. in essence, you are saying, “i neither respect nor trust you.”

trust & loyalty & a sense of humor are everything without those a person has nothing.

thinks that a user will always be a user and a cheater will always be a cheater. People don’t change, they just find different ways to lie.

Dear God, Thank you for always being there for me, even when I didn’t understand. Like a parent to a child, you know what’s best; so I trust you like a child.

Trust is important in any relationship. When someone breaks that trust, it hurts everyone. Trust can take a long time to mend. Sometimes, it can’t be fixed.

thinks when you doubt someone or things someone says to you, there isn’t going to be much trust there. And without trust, is it really worth your time?

It took me months to trust you..and only seconds for you to destroy it

If you really want to know the truth about a person.Look into their eyes. Because eyes never lie

I hate when you ask someone a question, they make excuses … wouldn’t it just be easier to be honest and answer the question …

Never trust someone who has lied to you, and never lie to someone you trust.

I don’t understand banks. Why do they have little chains on the pens? If I’m trusting you with my money, you should trust me with your pens.

Life is not always easy and I don’t have all the answers but I serve a God who does and I put all my trust and faith in them 100%!

You know, Im not gonna lose my temper or get bitchy. But I will say this. I sure hope it was worth losing my trust and respect. :(

Don’t count on the one that says, ” You can count on me, just call.” Count on the one that answers that call.