Toddler crawls out of bed, falls to death from 12th floor window

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Left to sleep alone in a 12th floor bedroom of a flat on Wallajah road in Chennai, a one-and-a-half of-year-old boy crawled thru the window and fell to his death. In line with police, there was no grille protecting part of the window that became at the extent of the mattress. Police have registered a case of accidental loss of life.

Building from which chiled falled

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Chennai: Left to sleep alone in a twelfth ground bed room of an apartment on Wallajah avenue, an infant crawled via the window and fell to his loss of life. Police stated there was no grille overlaying a part of the window that changed into at the extent of the mattress.

Azeera turned into inside the kitchen at Narayana Arihant Ocean Tower in Triplicane whilst her one-and-a-1/2-year-old son Y Mohammad Fathus ought to have woken up. Her husband Yakub Bhai, a jeweller at Sowcarpet, changed into in some other room. around nine.30am, whilst Azeera went into the bed room, her son changed into not to be visible. She searched around and realised that a window with out a grille become open.

Panicked, she and her husband raised an alarm, and across the same time a security shield came jogging. the security defend had seen the kid fallen on the floor underneath, after he heard a thud. They took the kid to a close-by personal health facility where he changed into declared 'brought useless'.

Policemen quoting the couple said they constantly saved the window closed, however on Tuesday morning they kept it open since the air-conditioner was switched off. a person who had become buy an condo in the 14-storey complicated said he saw the kid lying on the floor, in blood. "i used to be approximately to take my vehicle out of the parking zone, whilst i discovered the child lying at the floor. I at once informed a resident," he said.

The couple have a elder daughter. They did no longer record a criticism, but police have registered a case of accidental death.