Top 2 Android Arcade Games of 2018 - Chicken Games and Ball Games

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Here are the top arcade games of 2018 that you must download and play.

1. Save the Chicken

 save the chicken game

Save the chicken is a very challenging and addictive arcade game. It is easy to play yet hard to master. Use the shield to make it move the obstacles coming in the way if the chicken and trying to burst it's bubble. As chickens can't fly. This bubble is their only chance to go up and have the feel of flying. 

2. Wired Balls Arcade Game

Wired balls is another very interesting game which requires good focus and concentration. This game is very addictive as you have to pass the balls through the obstacles without touching them, There are two balls which are joined, so they can not be apart and any obstacle that comes has to go between them. The balls are also rotating and this makes the game more interesting and fun to play.

I hope you like the games. Enjoy playing.